Baffle Ceiling

Baffle Ceiling


Astav® Baffle Ceiling adds depth and infinity to the space. Therefore, it stays outside the standard suspended ceilings and ensures that the space gets a dynamic and modern design.

You can also stay out of the standard by applying different types of lighting fixtures.

In addition, thanks to the gaps between the panels, it can easily interfere with the installation behind the ceiling. Moreover, in a possible fire, it is ensured that the smoke passes quickly behind the ceiling. Apart from this, in baffle ceiling models with claw carrier system, the panels can be easily removed and re-installed without any damage in the intervention behind the ceiling.


Astav® Baffle Suspended Ceilings model are produced in different profile sizes and desired ral colors and wood-like colors. Baffle suspended ceilings produced in our state-of-the-art roll forming line are produced in the desired length. In this way, no joints are formed on the panels.


Baffle suspended ceiling is a linear / linear suspended ceiling type. It is formed as a result of attaching the C-format panels to the claw carrier. At the same time, another system is the screw system. The claw carrier system is both more economical and simpler in terms of disassembly and assembly compared to the screw system. Thus, the claw system assembly is simple and fast.


Baffle suspended ceiling model is used on the wall as well as on the ceiling. For this reason, it is used on the ceiling and wall, creating a great harmony and extraordinary visuality. In the use of this system, the same claw carrier is preferred. After the baffle wall panels are attached to the carrier with nails, a baffle clamping clip is attached to the back for fixing them. In the disassembly process, the baffle wall panel will be removed after this baffle clamping clip is removed first.


If we need to give information about the price of the baffle suspended ceiling, the prices of the baffle ceiling vary according to the metal type, profile size, profile color and intermediate space.


Baffle Ceiling Features:

Metal Type: Aluminum or Galvanized Steel

Profile Size (mm): 25×75, 30×75, 40×75, 50×75, 25×100, 30×100, 40×100, 50×100

Color: Anthracite Gray (Ral 7016), Black (Ral 9005), Metallic Gray (Ral 9006), White (Ral 9010) and Wood Look

Inter-panel spacing: 50mm, 70mm, 100mm, 150mm or custom


Application areas:

Airports, train & metro stations, offices, shopping malls, corridors, fuel stations, shops, pools, restaurants, cafes, etc.

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