Clip-in Suspended Ceiling

Astav® Clip-in (Cassette) Ceiling Systems

Astav® Clip-in Suspended Ceilings are probably the most widely used metal tile ceiling system. It is concealed grid ceiling system. Astav® Clip-in Suspended Ceiling Model is manufactured in different panel sizes and colors.
It is very easy to intervene comfortably in the plumbing behind the ceiling. 

Clip-in Ceiling Details:

Metal Type: Aluminium or Galvanised Steel
Panel Size: 300x300mm, 300x600mm, 600x600mm
Colours: Ral 9010 White or customized
Clip-in panels are all in bevelled edges
Concealed suspension system
Perforated or non-perforated
Light, crates no load on the ceiling
Non problematic installation
Prevents the heat loss
Acoustic performance (sound insulation)
Anti magnetic, sterile, can be wiped, washable
Concealment for (sanitary installation, ventilation system, electric installation etc)

Clip-in Ceiling Application areas:

Airport, Cinema, Computer Room, Exhibition Centre, Hospital, Hotel, Kitchen, Laboratory, Marine & Offshore, Office Area, Restaurant, Shower Room, Supermarket, Theatre, etc.

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