Linear Strip Ceilings (200mm)

Petrol Station Ceiling System

Astav® Linear Strip Ceilings 200 System for Petrol Stations

We use the Panel 200 suspended ceiling model as fuel station canopy ceiling. In addition, our products have been accepted in many countries as well as abroad, have been used successfully in many fuel stations and continue to be used. At the same time, we manufacture petrol station canopy ceiling according to the length of the canopy in order to minimize the waste rate.


Our Astav Panel 200 ceiling model, which is an F group suspended ceiling system, is the most ideal suspended ceiling model for outdoors thanks to its locked carrier system. However, our panel 200 ceiling models have replaced the twin-panel suspended ceiling model in recent years. It is more durable and decorative than the twin panel suspended ceiling model. Apart from this, we use a concealed carrier system in our products. Thus, we create a more aesthetic appearance by staying behind the carrier profile panel. Thanks to the nail carrier, the panels are easily removed by the expert when it is desired to be removed.


Our product is produced in the desired length and is assembled as a single piece panel in large areas. In this way, no additions are made and we get a better appearance. In the case of attachment, we use the attachment piece specially produced for the system. Installation of this product is simple. We fix the nail carrier profile produced by our company to the canopy. During fixing, we pay attention to the alignment of this carrier profile. After fixing the nail carrier profiles, we attach the panel 200 ceiling panels to the nail carrier.


Panel 200 ceilings are a long-lasting, durable suspended ceiling model used outdoors. It is also used in porches, eaves and verandas as well as at gas stations. Our product is produced from first class certified aluminium and is not affected by water and humidity. Another usage area of the Panel 200 model is factories. It is used in all production areas and is produced in the desired colour. Our product is long-lasting and recyclable. This product model is also produced with holes.


Linear Ceiling Details:

Metal Type: Aluminium or Galvanised Steel
Colours: Ral 9010 White or customized
Panel width (mm): 100, 150, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600mm


Linear Ceiling Application areas:

Petrol Stations, Canopies, Eaves and porches, Factories, Textile and Yarn Factories etc.


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