Mesh Expanded Ceiling Systems

Astav® Mesh Expanded Ceiling Systems

Astav® Mesh Ceiling Systems are accessible and offer a clean, modern design option. It allows air flow through to the slab above.
Astav® Mesh Ceiling Model is manufactured in different pattern sizes and colors.

Metal Type: Aluminium or Galvanised Steel
Pattern Size (LWM x SWM): 16x8mm, 30x10mm, 42x13mm, 60x20mm
Colours: Ral 9010 White, Ral 9005 Black, Ral 9006 Metallic Gray, customized
Light, crates no load on the ceiling
Non problematic installation
Prevents the calorific loss
Acoustic performance (sound insulation)
Anti magnetic, sterile, can be wiped, washable
Concealment for (sanitary installation, ventilation system, electric installation etc)

Application areas:
Typically used in acoustically challenged spaces, in airports, rail terminals, semi-exposed soffit buildings, offices, retail, leisure centres, etc.